Enhancement Fund

Virginia Tech Athletics is committed to building a football program that can compete for ACC titles every year. This commitment means devoting additional resources to the school’s most visible athletics brand. The football program is underfunded compared to its peers, at a time when winning universities must embrace new ways to empower their coaches.

We must correct our competitive disadvantage and enable the head coach to continue building the best developmental program in the nation: recruiting student-athletes of strong character and developing them, and having a “next man up” mentality, always preparing the next player or coach to be ready to step up when their time comes.

In order to recruit and retain the very best coaches and student-athletes, $30 million added over time to the Football Enhancement Fund will be used to bolster these five areas:

  1. Recruiting: Student-athletes sign with coaches, not schools. Yet some ACC peers have three times more recruiting positions than we do. Dollar goal: $5 million
  2. Assistant coach salary pool: We need to provide competitive compensation for our coaches so that we can continue developing - and retaining - the best talent. Dollar goal: $10 million
  3. Quality control coaches: These coaches are preparing to take the next step as full-time, on-the-field coaches. Dollar goal: $5 million
  4. Student-athlete development: Our football student-athletes need dedicated support to prepare them for the real world. Dollar goal: $2 million
  5. Capital needs: We have immediate needs in our facilities. The first impression for visiting recruits must be improved. Dollar goal: $8 million

By building strong relationships between our coaches and our student-athletes, we can help all the young men in our program reach a higher ceiling in all areas of their lives, while delivering victories that thrill the worldwide Hokie Nation.

With your investment and support, our goal is within reach

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